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Hi, if you think any of my skills can be of interest for you, just drop me a...

Stuart Sterling

offering: video photography
seeking: models seo video

I am a freelance cameraman, self-shooting director, and video producer. I am offering my video services for small...
Hello world! :) I've recently started exchanging massages, and am looking for more people to exchange with. I'm...

Dean Mills

offering: nutritionist reiki itsupport
seeking: handyman electrician

Hello I am desperately in need of some help with some DIY jobs to include garden work, tree...
 Hi there!  To start with I should say I love sharing my knowledge, so even if you can't...
I love the idea of a skill swap community! I am an artistic photographer. I offer a full...
hi there my names michael im happy to offer the following: massage/ massage swap, haricuts/haridressing, photography generaly jobs,...

Darren D

offering: diy primary maths excel spreadsheets massage ...
seeking: music fitness piano guitar

 Hi My wife and I are looking for music lessons piano, guitar or singing for our kids also...

a favour for a friend