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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Swapaskill

Swapaskill is an on-line community enabling users to register their skills or expertise in their personal profile page and meet people who have the skills they need. When you have found someone who has skills you're interested in and they're interested in yours, you can build a friendship, come to an agreement and exchange favours.

What are Swapaskill 's aims?

Our aims are to bring back community spirit, help save the environment and create a community where people are richer and happier in the widest sense.

What's the benefit in inviting my friends?

Firstly, by inviting your friends you are playing your part in developing this giving, sharing community so that everyone in it is better off. You're also playing a bigger part in helping to save the environment. When people swap things instead of buying new things it saves energy. Also, if you invite local people you will be helping your own community.

What should I put in my profile?

The more you put in your profile, the more you can build your reputation and get people interested in what you have to offer. Tell people what skills and items you're offering, tell them what favours you can offer them. For example if your skill is cooking you might be able to offer, catered dinner parties, cooking lessons and freshly made meals in cartons for the freezer. So with one skill you can offer 3 different favours. If you are swapping items, take a photo of it and upload the photo into your profile.

Why should I upload a photo of myself?

The aim is to build your reputation within the community. If you do that more people will want to swap with you.

How do I make sure the system automatically matches me with the right people?

That's easy, when you search for the skills you're interested in make sure you save your search by clicking on the blue bar at the top of the search. This will show other what you're looking for and automatically match you up with them.

Can I upload a video?

Yes, you can upload video clippings into your profile. Perhaps demonstrating your skills or showing your items or any video that helps people get to know you.

Is there a rating system like on ebay?

Yes, you can give people a rating after you have swapped. At the bottom of their profile are 5 stars, just click on the number of stars you want to give them 1 = not happy and 5 = very happy.

What Are "Tags"?

Tags are one-word descriptors that you can assign to your blogs, pictures, and clippings.

Tags are a keywords you choose to help organize your stuff on this site. You can assign as many tags as you like and rename or delete them later.

How do I embed images and flash using the rich text editor?

You can add images or flash media to your profile and your blog posts by using the image and media buttons on the rich text editor.

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