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About Me

I offer you: guitar, bass, composition, chemistry, essays, algebra, plc

I'm currently looking for: java, photoshop, science

 I will teach any of my listed skills for free, or indeed for swaps with another skill :) A little more detail on each of my skills below:

GUITAR - I've not taken grades but I play around Grade 5 standard guitar. I can teach guitar techniques, musical theory and specific songs to beginner/intermediate players, or simply have a jam!

BASS - I don't play bass too much but I have previously taught it and can give fairly extensive tutoring. See above.

CHEMISTRY - I have studied chemistry for around 6 years and will soon enter undergraduate chemistry at university. I'm happy to pass on what I know thus far.WRITING MUSIC - I've been writing my own music for around 10 years. I can teach some basic music theory, but more than anything I'm just happy to provide feedback or ideas to anyone writing their own music.

ESSAY WRITING - I can run through some important points about structuring essays and features to improve an essay. Also happy to proofread.

ALGEBRA - I studied maths for around 6 years and can teach the ideas behind algebra and lots of very useful algebraic skills. If there's anyone who thought they could escape maths after they left school and now needs it in their job again, I can give you a refresher of what you will have done in school!

PLC PROGRAMMING - I am both offering PLC programming and tutoring in PLC programming.

If you would like to swap skills for these then I could do with some Photoshop lessons, I'd like to learn Java, and I'm interested in pretty much any aspect of science you care to mention. If you can't do any of these things, try me anywat because I'm sure there are other things I's swap for :) If not, I can provide tutoring regardless, I don't mind if it's not for a swap. Thanks! 

Matty Arnold doesn't have much here yet. Stay tuned.


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