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I offer you: computer, networking, computer_lessons, buying, mac

I'm currently looking for: reporting, finance, accounting, financial, modelling, equity, research

Hellow Everyone!

I really like the idea!

I have been working in an Apple Centre helping people with their computers, tablets, phones,... . I am also good at home, SOHO and small business computer networking. I know Macs very well but this doesn't mean I don't know PCs. I can help you with any question in these areas.

I just have graduated in Master of Finance and I am improving my skills in order to get a job in Finance/ Equity research/ Financial Analysis or similar. I love to learn about investmenting!

I need to improve my modelling skills using excel and also reporting skills. I am not bad in writing but not confident in writing Financial Reports.

I love to find friends and people that happy to share their knowledge/skill.

Get in touch please!





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