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Find friends who can do you favours and do them favours in return

Swapaskill is an online community of giving, sharing, fun and friendship where people make friends and do favours for each other.  We're delighted to let you know that you can also now swap items! Our aim is to improve communities across the world and create a place that nurtures community spirit and a genuine caring for the environment - and it's all completely free!

Ever seen the film Pay it Forward? We highly recommend it as it engenders the spirit that's being created in the Swapaskill community

Swapaskill founder Nicole Wehden grew up in what was a close knit community in Lancashire and tells us how the way in which local people used their skills and hobbies to do favours for each other, inspired her to create Swapaskill.

“I remembered my Father who was passionate about boats.  He had a friend called Tommy who loved to go out fishing in his little fishing boat. Dad would often come home after a day down at the boatyard with a big smile on his face telling us how he’d helped Tommy out with his boat. “His motor broke down so I fixed it for him”. Or, “we gave Tommy’s boat a lick of paint today”. It was obvious that Dad got a great deal of pleasure out of doing what he loved best at the same time as helping out his mate. The smile on his face was just as big when he used to come home with a carrier bag full of fish that Tommy had caught and given him that day. “You can’t buy fish that fresh anywhere”,  he would say, looking like the cat that got the cream. This is the spirit I wanted to create in the Swapaskill community and some of our members' stories and experiences show us  that this is exactly what's already happening - it’s wonderful." 

Doing a favour for someone makes you feel good about yourself and makes you feel a valued part of the community. It is now proven that being part of a community where everyone is giving to and helping each other actually makes you happier. See our blog in the News section to find out more.

We hope you get as much fun and happy times here as we’re having creating it!

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