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Welcome to the new Swapaskill site!

Welcome to the new Swapaskill site which we have just launched based on feedback we've had over the last year from you our members. We’re proud of it and we hope you like it too!  It's early days and there may be a few teething problems so do feedback any comments you have which are always welcome, (good or not so good:)

As you'll see you can now swap items as well as skills and we'll be running regular campaigns to promote the swapping of specific items and favours. So if you have any ideas for campaigns, please let us know.

Also, we'll be looking for people with writing and journalist skills to make news contributions, which will also be an opportunity to promote yourself and build your reputation in the community. If you're interested, please contact us.

Oh and latest official news out, swapping skills actually makes you happier, it's true! Check out the News page to find out more.

Enjoy swapping and be happy!

From the Swapaskill Team

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