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Royal chef swaps favours and her hubby gets one back!

Swapaskill members Emma and Fay featured on Radio 4 swapping skills. We were so proud of them! Here is their story:

Fay's story

"I swapped skills with Emma James and we featured on Radio 4 You and Yours programme this week. I am a Chef and have cooked for Princess Margaret and other royalty. Emma is a highly experienced complimentary therapist who offers various therapies and specialises in massage.

My Swapaskill experience was great fun, such a friendly and sociable thing to do. Getting help and receiving something of so much value without having to worry about money was amazing. It gave me a real social experience.

Emma is a working Mum and has very little time, she needed some help cooking food that was healthy and delicious for her children. I cooked her an array of healthy dishes which I put in containers so that Emma could take them home and freeze them. In return Emma gave my husband a massage to help him with his aches and pains. I wanted my husband to have the treatment because when my husband is happy, I'm happy. Emma was just wonderful and really helped my husband, she made him feel so much better. To be able to get things that are so beneficial that you can't normally afford for something you can do in return is just marvellous!"

Emma's story

"I was delighted with what Fay did for me and my children. She cooked the most amazing meals and put them in freezer cartons for me, a brilliant idea.  Her wonderfully nutritious food and wholesome cooking gave my children delicious, balanced meals. It really helped me during a time when I had a particularly busy week in my working life. The meals didn't reach the freezer though because they loved it so much! After the children had woofed down all the food they asked me, "Mum when are you doing this again?"

Thank you so much Fay, you're a cooking legend! I would heartily recommend Swapaskill, it fits in entirely with my ethos and principles in life and I'm very much looking forward to swapping with an assortment of skills that people can offer."

An amazing experience all round - thank you Fay and everyone at Swapaskill!"


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