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C'est Magnifique!

That's exactly what Ros wrote in her email to us telling us her story. It's one of our favourites and this is what she told us:

"Hi to all at swap a skill.

My husband and I are planning to move to France in a few years and so are trying to learn French. I met Michelle through this site, who is a French tutor. She had just bought her first house and was looking for help in her garden. I have always had gardens, so although I don’t have any formal training I just have experience. Plus we had a bit of muscle to spare!! We created a patio for Michelle, where she can sit and enjoy the sunshine. This was edged with a brick wall, built by hubby, and above that, a little veg patch so that Michelle could grow healthy veg for her and her son. We also gave bits of advice about what to do with other parts of the garden, how best to grow plants etc. I guess it was as much as anything just helping Michelle get started.

In return, we had weekly lessons in French conversation. Michelle was great in taking us through the vocab and verbs, but also just chatting in French. She also coached us in how to answer the phone when we house sat our friends BandB in France!

We have now moved, but still keep in touch, and still swap translation skills for seeds and holidays!

Swapaskill is such a brilliant idea. It really helps foster a sense of community and makes you realise that we all have skills we can swap!!"

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