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I offer you: sewing_lessons, polymer, clay, modelling, selling, skills, interiordecorating

I'm currently looking for: gardening, tiling, cleaning

Hi my name is Barbara I havebeen a seamstress for over 35 years and and am also very artistic, I am always doing some sort of project for example doing polymer clay modelling of small items such as dragons and under the sea creatures that incorporate gemstones or old jewellery and broken watch or clock inner workings (its called steam punk), I also like to enamel paint metal objects. Anyway I have a lot of other skills to pass on as well.

 I am looking for someone to teach me how to tile a bathroom. floor to ceiling and how to install decking in my back garden.

 I am also a travel consultant and have been so for quite a few years and can help anyone who wants to use the internet to book their own holidays but are a little nervous about doing that.


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