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I offer you: oxfam, sewing, cakebaking, fashion

I'm currently looking for: jewellery, maker, volunteer, fundraiser

I am the shop manager of the oxfam shop in Finchley! We are always looking for new volunteers to help in the shop to help us raise as much money as possible to fight against poverty. We also get loads of wonderful donations especially jewellery but some of it is damaged so we cannot sell it. I am after someone with super powers to take these bits and pieces and create something beautiful and original that we can sell in the shop. Any kind of mending skills or jewellery knowledge is gratefully welcome!

I am also looking for an unwrapped co-ordinator. Unwrapped is a brilliant way of donating funds which will go to specific things to help people around the world e.g raising £25 can provide a goat for a family. They make great gifts for christmas. The co-ordinator will be working with the shop team to help increase unwrapped sales over the seasonal period. You can also work with businesses and the local community. Im looking for someone with an enthusiastic approach to donations for the charity with the ability to contribute to new ideas of raising awareness of the unwrapped product. see http://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/oxfam-unwrapped

In return you will be an ambassador for oxfam, you can come to the shop meet the team, we can train you in other areas of second hand shops you maybe interested in (eg books, womenswear, music, childrens, menswear, homewares) you can work in a vibrant shop and develop your social skills and work experience with paid travel. or you can work from home, communicating online or on the phone.

I am also a fashion graduate who occasionally does some sewing of things which are pretty such as cushion covers. I can also make a mean chocolate cake If you interested at all in the following you can email oxfamshopf4667@oxfam.org.uk or call 0208 346 3870





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