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About Me

I offer you: webpage, websites, webdesign, webdevelopment, graphics, design, wordpress, graphic_design, website_development

I'm currently looking for: drive, laying, plastering, plumbing, bricklayer, kitchen, fitting


My name is Simon and i am an award winning professional web designer and developer. I very passionate about what i do and put my heart and sole into my work. 

My skills are not just limited to the web. I have worked on my aspects of design including logo design, print design, brochure design, buisness card design etc... So please feel free to contact me with any design related requests.

I am also very passionate about helping my local community in gaining a digital footprint without the huge pricetage that some agencys can charge. 

Therefore i am hugely ethusiastic about swapping my skills for skills i may not have. Whilst i have listed a few skills i am seeking currently i am also interested in any offers anyone may have.

If anyone would care to look at my online portfolio and website they can do so at http://www.simonlockyer.info.


Many thanks

Simon Lockyer doesn't have much here yet. Stay tuned.


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