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About Me

I offer you: art, design, photography, photoshop, illustrator, illustration, photographylessons, photoshoplessons, illustratorlessons

I'm currently looking for: stamp, rubber, printing, framing, embossing, finishing, promotion

So, lets get started. I am able to offer custom artwork, designs and photography along with extensive Photoshop and Illustrator skills as well as lessons in all of the previously mentioned. In return I would be looking for anyone that would be able to offer: stamp making, framing, printing, finishing, framing and possibly promotion. Short but sweet, but feel free to get in touch if you need any of what I can offer or can provide anything that I need. Even if what you can offer is not directly needed, this doesnt mean I dont need your skills. Message me to find out. I am usually very accomodating..... Thanks in advance for any help sent my way Sean


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