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sandra desmond says:
HelloI'm Sandra but my friends called me Sandyso you can...
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About Me

I offer you: scriptwriting, script_editing, directing, marketing, online_marketing, socialmedia, influencer_marketing, relationship_marketing, copywriting, writer, scriptwriter, strategy, multiplatform, transmedia, crossplatform

I'm currently looking for: webdesign, web, developer, graphic, design, programming, drupal, wordpress, animator, animation

I'm a multiplatform content producer / writer / director - storytelling across web, tv, film, games, social media, and real world.

I've had dual careers - one paying the bills, the other for love. Now I'm trying very hard to merge the two so I can get to a point where I'll be earning a living from the projects I love... I'll get to that in a minute. The plus of my past means I am skilled in several complementary areas:


I have ten years experience as a scriptwriter, I've worked in advertising  as a copywriter, on a film magazine as marketing executive, have produced and directed short films, have run my own company servicing small business needs, and in the last couple years moved into the cross platform space to understand the future of entertainment (transmedia stories, ARGs digital distribution, new economic models) and learn how to harness  social media, community, SEO and SEM, etc.

From a "qualification" perspective, I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Communications - Advertising), a Masters in Creative Writing, a Graduate Diploma in Multiplatform Content, a Diploma in Marketing Communications, and have done a variety of short courses in business, film, writing, and advertising creative. 

My skills will be of particular use to any person creating content who might be having trouble working out how to reach their audience or turn a penny from it.


Like many other creative people I have an abundance of project ideas, but not nearly enough access to money to see them realised commercially. For quite some time I've been wishing to meet people with the skills I need (e.g. designer, web developer, games developer....) who might be open to doing some work on my projects in exchange for me working on theirs.

I should point out, my need for skill "swap" is generally for the early development stage of a project  - once initial materials are created, I'm able to pitch the projects to potential investors, and if successful money will ensue and I can move to a "hire" situation with said designer/developer etc if desired. Credits will also be acknowledged.

My projects are backed up by a business plan - I have put a lot of thought into these ideas before bringing others on board - so your time will not be wasted or undervalued. 


Right at the moment I am looking for:

- Animator
- Graphic & Web Design
- Web development (using Drupal & Wordpress)
- Voice Actor

In general I'm also interested in knowing people who might swapaskill in these areas:

- Games development (Apps, Social games, etc)
- Range of film production roles

I am located in Sydney Australia, but some work can be done via virtual collaboration, depending on the role.

If you contact me, please provide links to your portfolio so I can gain a sense of your work. I'm happy to send you samples of my own, my cv, etc, just let me know what skill you are wanting in return so I can give you a relevant response.

Thanks ! 




IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2029370/ 



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