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  • joined Sep 25, 2017 7:38am

offering: Life coaching
seeking: building carpentry diy painting gardening handyman ...

I am newly qualified life Coach looking to improve myself and build hours.

Jey True

  • joined Oct 28, 2013 11:07am

offering: graphic designing film video editing hindi ...
seeking: help Life advice business personal planning ...

Hey there, I am Jey. I am new around here. I love art movies, music and MMA. I...
accountancyExperience: Qualifications:
Clear thinking and straight talking with 20 years experience helping small and medium sized businesses with all aspects...
In return for the skills I am offering, I would like some assistance with integration of various software...
Original owner of casino.com, games.com, London.com, but rescinded domains for a clash with a commitment on the weekend,...


offering: coaching lifecoaching massage
seeking: massage

Hi. I'm in my middle years (hopefully!). In good health but not an athlete by any standards.  I...

a favour for a friend