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People offering what I seek

Mr Page

offering: tutoring personal training
seeking: cleaning cooking

Hello. I am a Beauty/Holistc therapist with over 10 years of spa and salon experience. This means you...
 Hello I am a dancer and choreographer who loves movement. I want to widen my skills and create...
People offering what I seek
I'm a typical 'geek'...  I've been programming computers for the last 29 years. For the last 10 years...
Hi, I'm Flo(29yo) from France. I'm gonna spend a few months in Bristol to get an international Diploma...
People offering what I seek
I'm  a qualified massage therapist (I do Hawaiian and Swedish massage) and coach. I work as a management...
I am the CEO and Founder of the Holisitc Lifestyle Club. A club for health conscious women who...
Hi, I'm a martial arts and languages enthusiast, an ex-Thames Valley Police. I have experience with Project Management...

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