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People offering what I seek
I am a professional Actor,Voiceover Artiste and Model with 11+ years worth of advice and experience in the industry -...
People offering what I seek
I am a professional muscian, conductor, composer and pianist. I am looking for someone to help me with...
In return for the skills I am offering, I would like some assistance with integration of various software...
 Hi all, I'm looking for a skills swap: my self-defence, English and/or academic skills in exchange for your...


  • joined Jan 19, 2017 5:53pm

offering: french language
seeking: logo marketing

Hello,  I'm Anne-Sophie, from France. I'm creating my professional website. I propose French lessons online, and I would...
People offering what I seek
 I am a girl who is interested in learning home improvement skills, web designing or create animation. To...

Darren D

offering: diy primary maths excel spreadsheets massage ...
seeking: music fitness piano guitar

 Hi My wife and I are looking for music lessons piano, guitar or singing for our kids also...

offering: french cv linkedin coaching Life lifecoaching
seeking: logo design

Apologies: THIS SITE STILL BREAKS WHILE ADDING A PICTURE.  Hello!  While fully aware that skillswap was easier and...
 Hi! I live in hackney with my partner who is an electrician, and I have a degree in...

a favour for a friend