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Hi, if you think any of my skills can be of interest for you, just drop me a...

Nina Plapp

offering: music english teaching
seeking: massage

I'm nina Looking for back massage in exchange for english lessons and/or music lessons - or music/english/histroy alevel/gcse...


offering: teachingchinese
seeking: violin japanese spanish french guitar chinese

 I'm a professional Chinese teacher. Got license from IPA, and is looking for someone who wants to learn...
People offering what I seek
Hello, I will need my own personal website to be built and I would like to learn how...


  • joined May 3, 2013 10:17am

offering: spanish catalan
seeking: english french german chinese spanish language ...

 Hi all, I'm looking for a skills swap: my self-defence, English and/or academic skills in exchange for your...
People offering what I seek
 I am a girl who is interested in learning home improvement skills, web designing or create animation. To...

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