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 Hi! I live in hackney with my partner who is an electrician, and I have a degree in...


offering: handyman
seeking: english french german chinese spanish language ...

Professional handyman, business advice, administration support. I can offer advice and help with administration and business, as well...
People offering what I seek

Gregory & Eva Trahar

  • joined Feb 1, 2009 3:47pm

offering: language cleaning massage handyman gardening decorating
seeking: piano lessons

My wife and I often work together as a husband wife team. I work in the garden or...
People offering what I seek
  I'm an electronics engineer with some free time at the moment so I thought I might be...
 I am a professional IT Consultant, have been working in I.T for about 8 years. My wife is...
I studied graphic design / illustration at university and have free-lanced ever since. I’m interested in general design,...
During the working week I live in the land of IT so very conversant with home PCs, website...
 Hi all, I'm looking for a skills swap: my self-defence, English and/or academic skills in exchange for your...

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