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 I will teach any of my listed skills for free, or indeed for swaps with another skill :)...


offering: spanish lessons
seeking: marketing web design

Hello! My name is Beth. I am an experienced Vocal Tutor and Performer. I specialise in Pop, Jazz...

offering: piano cooking
seeking: drums engl germa german programming


Karamvir Singh

  • joined Sep 28, 2014 8:57pm

offering: website development php joomla amazon web ...
seeking: computer english american accent training software ...

 Hello Everyone I came to this website through google when I was looking for some native speakers of...
I have been teaching karate for many years and now taking a research into martial arts and have...
Hi, if you think any of my skills can be of interest for you, just drop me a...

Nina Plapp

offering: music english teaching
seeking: massage

I'm nina Looking for back massage in exchange for english lessons and/or music lessons - or music/english/histroy alevel/gcse...

a favour for a friend