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I offer you: electronics, troubleshooting, cooking, cleaning, diy, gardening, recycling, meditation

I'm currently looking for: accomodation, house, pride, landlord, landlady, in, mk7, max2, miles, radius

Extra Income for your unused rooms? Single/Small Bedroom and no one interested? Wanted your own space during the weekend? (4 nights stay, starting from Mon) Working Professional with Good Refences from Company/Owner/Housemates. Can perform Security/ID Check if needed. Looking in the region of £60 to £70 per week. Can provide House work including . Cooking/Cleaning/DIY/Giving a Lift. Have a Car and a Bike. Prefer Smokefree, Petfree, Clean and Quite house. Married with wife in Essex, always there during the weekends.

FK doesn't have much here yet. Stay tuned.


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